Photogenic Memory: This is Me is a collection of autobiographical stories about childhood.

Ideally, these are funny stories, and it would be nice if I could say that I thought you would be laughing with me, but I’m not stupid, and I know what’s going on here. Even I laughed at myself when I read them, and that was whilst I was writing…

Growing up in small town Clinton, Ontario in the 1970s would have been challenging enough on its own, but for some strange reason, I had the idea that I was some kind of boy genius.

I guess you know now why these stories are funny.

The book covers a highlight reel of the key moments in a sensitive little boy’s life from his first stirrings of self-awareness during an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies until he is beset by the brutality of puberty in Grade Five.

In this book, you will read of young love and how to be a poisoner, discover the meaning of good and evil and know why Santa Claus needs whiskey. You will share a psychic bond with a dying dog, lick a bike rack to escape death and finally understand the true value of armpit hygiene. And so very much more.

I hope you buy this book of true-life tales, and I hope you find yourself laughing through the tears hard enough to suddenly find yourself obsessed with building a time machine to go back to the 70s and help me through those dark and traumatic times.

And if you do build that time machine and make your way to forty years ago Clinton, please tell me to buy Apple stock the day it goes public.

I thank you,

Randall Lobb,

Writing again.

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