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Freaky Test Footage

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From Alien. The first-time actor playing the Alien in some test footage that is scarier than the real movie.

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Wind Machine + Faces = Actual LOL

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It sounds bad, but it’s not. Try this link for a few laughs.

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Photogenic Memory Review – Jenn Cox – Huron Bullet News

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Review: Randall Lobb tells it like it was, maybe Jennifer Cox is a communications graduate from the University of Windsor who is now a computer trainer for the Avon Maitland District School Board. She lives in Clinton with her husband and two children. She writes when she can find the time. *** “Some people are born storytellers. Some lives are worth telling. The best memoirs happen when these two conditions converge…” (New York Newsday, on The Glass Castle) I have a confession to make, or maybe it’s a claim to fame. I kind of know the...

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Latest TMNT doc interview

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Last week was a very interesting week. Not like the Chinese curse, exactly, but it came close at times. Isaac Elliott-Fisher, Mark Hussey and I had the good fortune to accompany our friend Richard Fitoussi to the United Nations in New York, where he would be screening a cut of the film he produced for the Canadian Land Mine Foundation, Landmine ER. Shot and directed by British filmmaker Tom Peppiatt, this documentary follows a young Cambodian man named Satya Yorm who comes to the Emergency hospital after stepping on a mine in the K5 mine...

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